Thursday, September 22, 2011

Also, The NYC Food Film Festival is Coming Up!

Food Truck Drive-In
Oh man, is it high season in the New York foodie world. The Vendys on Saturday, the NY Wine & Food Festival next week, and in less than a month, the Fifth Annual NYC Food Film Festival! All the better to forget about nasty little things like breakups (yes, don't expect any more Kansas posts, people.) Anyways, the best part about the NYC Food Film Festival, they hired me to work with them! Woot, woot! Last year I only had the chance to attend the Food Truck Drive-In, this year, I plan on hitting up as many events as I possibly can!

Though there's no Drive-In this year, there is A Cheers to Burgers and Beers. Now this is normally on a night where I work in the kitchen for Robicelli's (if you were wondering why I don't post about them either anymore, there's that answer), but if you guys all start a letter writing campaign to Matt & Allison to let me have the night off, I will eat multiple burgers and drink numerous beers in your honor. You can even come take pictures to put on the interwebs of me doing such things! Added bonus points if you remind them that I'm a mess more nights than most, though I am taking baby steps to move on from just topping the cakes.

Green Truck's Fish Tacos
If not that, then I will most certainly be at The Tribeca Taco Takedown! I've loved the Takedowns ever since we did the Chili one way back when, and this will be just as awesome as the rest. But of course you guys should also take a look at the films-it IS a film festival after all-and buy some tickets!


Meglizabeth said...

That is insanely awesome that you get to work in the Robicelli's kitchen - I am uber jeal :)

MrsRobicelli said...


We'll be making cupcakes for the food festival that night. Guess who's not getting a night off!

Welcome to the service industry honey. We miss out on all the fun stuff so everyone else gets to have a great time. On the plus side, come January, the city will belong to you!

See how awful I am Green Megs?