Monday, September 5, 2011

The Road to Casa Barilla + Cute Bitty Fiats

Barilla + Fiat 
So, have you seen cute little blue Fiats driving around town? No? Well, they're part of The Road to Casa Barilla. A fleet of Barilla-branded Fiat 500 have been zipping around town for the past few weeks, going to our city's greatest Italian spots to give out tickets to Casa Barilla AND VIP vouchers for the upcoming Andrea Bocelli concert in Central Park. When they stopped by L&B Spumoni Gardens last week, I made sure to stop on by, being a Barilla Brand Ambassador and all.

L&B Spumoni Gardens 
At each location, the first five people to check in to the Barilla Stop on Foursquare win the VIP vouchers. Everyone can get two tickets to Casa Barilla, which opens on September 13th. Since I had never been to L&B Spumoni and it was hot out, after checking in, I walked up to the windows and got a peach ice which was fabulous. I watched all of the voucher winners claim their prize, each was super excited to be seeing Andrea Bocelli. If you want your chance to win, you'll need to follow @BarillaUS on Twitter because they aren't telling where the Fiats will land each day! They'll be racing around town until September 12th, so be on the lookout! And if you have any problems, be sure to ask for Tom. He's a cool guy.

Full disclosure: I am a sponsored and compensated Brand Ambassador for Barilla's Summer of Italy initiative.

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