Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shake Shack Has Fruit?!

Peach Compote Custard
With everything going on at Madison Square Eats the past few days, I wasn't so shocked to learn that the line at Shake Shack was nearly nonexistent. Well, you can go to one of the other locations, and if you have the chance to eat outside, wouldn't you want it to be Roberta's? So when a couple of friends and I were hanging out last night and hunger started to hit us, we didn't get something the market of course. We headed over to the Shack.

Shake Shack
Where much to my surprise they had something listed as "Seasonal Fruit"?! What the what? Apparently they have started this as a topping for the custards. Yesterday's was Peach Compote, and lover of peaches that I am, I bit. Vanilla custard topped with some peach compote and shortbread cookies. I don't know if this whole thing was worth $6.25-I'm leaning towards the negative side of that-but it was surely delicious. I did want some more peach compote on top, and I was sort of tricked into buying a double scoop. This is definitely a hold-out dessert for times when it's your *FAVORITE* fruit topping.

Another important Shake Shack note: Shacktoberfest starts next Friday!!!

Shake Shack

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FatManSam said...

YESSS!!! I've gotta get to there again before it gets too cold. I'm way under-Shack'd in 2011.