Friday, September 23, 2011

The Vendys Are Coming! The Vendys Are Coming! The Vendys are Almost Here!

We're in the final countdown for the 2011 Vendy Awards. In a little over 24 hours Blondie and I will be hitting the ferry to Governors Island to volunteer at the awards. For a great preview of the event check out Blondie's post over at CBS Local (woot, woot!). And for a tasty look back, clickity click here...


Yeah, we're talking Vegan Doughnut Goodness from The Cinnamon Snail! These s'more doughnuts blew me away last year. Super excited about the New Jersey category and trying out Two Pitas in a Pod, and the Taco Truck


And so happy for our friends at Souvlaki GR. Last year, Rookie Winners this year they're competing for the Vendy Cup!

Kelvin Slush

Last year's late September heatwave made for long, long times at Dessert Winner, Kelvin Slush. Perhaps the sun will shine on newbie Dessert nominees of the frozen nature, I'm looking at: Miss Softee, La Newyorkina, and Wooly's Ice.

Besides seeing some old favorites I'm thrilled that a few of our must-eat spots have been recognized with the Vendy nod.

Grilled Cheese with Chorizo and Bacon from the Eggstravaganza Cart

We've long been fans of the Chorizo & Bacon Grilled Cheese and everything else Arturo and his sister cook up at the Eggstravaganza Cart.

Mutton Biryani from the Trini Pak Cart

And have been rooting for the fabulous Trini Paki Boys for years--you can't say no to their addictive doubles (which I wrote up in Time Out NY). So happy to see Fatima and her son get this well deserved recognition.

While the focus of the day is on the food, the event has a greater mission as a fundraiser for the Street Vendor Project, a non-profit organization that's part of the Urban Justice Center, and provides legal representation and advocacy on behalf vendors. A portion of your entry ticket is a tax-deductible contribution to SVP, so it's a win all the way around. While regular tickets are sold out you can still get your hands on an extremely limited number of VIP table service and early entry tickets (you get into the Vendy Awards an hour early--skip the lines!) still available. You know you're going to be jealous on Monday when we post our recap. Doooo it. Doooo it! Hope to see you on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

This years food vendy awards should be for hard working all around season food vendors trucks....not like SouvlakiGR truck that only come out to show off how fancy their truck is and scam all other vendors that work all season for a hard workmanship. SouvlakiGR the only reason they will try to win is because they know so many people from the vendor food business. They are not legit food vendors......They should be eliminated from these awards.

Anonymous said...

Last year the SouvlakiGR truck won the Vendy Rookie awards and they did not have a food vendors license. And now again they are competing for the Vendy Cup without anyone being licensed. It is very unfair for all the participants who have licenses.