Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few More Weeks of Smorgasburg

Dough's Hibiscus Doughnut
It's definitely hard to believe that the outdoor market schedule is winding out, despite the crazy warm days we've been having. This past Saturday I took advantage of the warm weather and brought one of the newest members of my family, the Farmer, out to Smorgasburg for a little lunchtime treat. Maybe since the L was down, or because people decided to skip town for the weekend, or because there was a small music festival going on, there was barely any line at Dough. So I finally tried them out. And all I can say is yes, I'm sold. It was fluffy goodness, completely on par with Doughnut Plant. But that's not all we ate.

Greek at Smorgasburg
We also stopped at Anthi's booth and picked up dolmathakia and spanakopita. Anthi is a restaurant on the Upper West Side which I have never visited, and after eating these I am totally going to make the trip up there. The dolmathakia, rice wrapped in grape leaves, actually had a good amount of flavor. But it was the spanakopita that won me over. Flaky pastry with rich and ample spinach filling, I sort of wished we had bought two squares. At $5 for a square, it was definitely a good size lunch treat. I can only hope that Anthi plans on staying around for the rest of the Smorgasburg season, which I believe will be in finishing up on November 19th.


LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

dough is one of my faves! i still love doughnut plant but they're different and amazing in their own respective ways!

Brownie said...

Dough FTW! I can't believe that was your first time. So good. Soo, soo goooooood.

PnutsMomma33 said...

I only started eating spanakopita in the last two or so years, and now I feel like an idiot for all that wasted time. This looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Anthi is not a restaurant. It is a hole-in-the-wall take-out counter, which I love. I was happy to see from this blog post that they are promoting their business at Smorgasburg because I constantly fear that they cannot possibly sell enough baklava to pay their rent on the UWS.