Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Weekend at the 2011 Food Film Festival

Braised Pork Shoulder
A little less than a month ago, I let you guys know that I was officially under the employ of NYC Food Film Festival, and what a fun month it was! I'm already suppressing the memory of that one week where I averaged five hours of sleep a night. But one of the perks was having the chance to go to this past weekend's events! I stuffed myself silly, cried a bit, laughed more, and still managed to get TWO naps in! It was wins all around! Here's what I ate...

Ronnybrook Sundae
The picture at top was Amanda Freitag's braised pork shoulder from Sunday night's "Farm to Film to Table". I had two helpings. I also had two Ronnybrook ice cream sundaes. I couldn't help myself, it was sooo delicious. The film about Ronnybrook, "The Big Table", ended up winning Audience Choice, and luckily for us, most of the Ronnybrook clan was there.

Ronnybrook Wins!
This is Ronny, the patriarch of the happy cows. Visiting Ronnybrook has been on my "to do" list for years now, and I have a feeling it's moved up more than a few notches.

Truck Farm
"The Big Table" edged out "Truck Farm" which was OUTSIDE! And we all got herbs from the truck farm handed to us by none other than Marion Nestle. It was to. die. for. I was all sorts of food-starstruck. My +1 did the whole "I'm going to make you introduce yourself" bit, even though I was blushing, extremely quiet, and saying "please, no, please, please, no."

Wooly's Ice
Earlier on Sunday, Brownie and I got to attend the "Di Fara Pizza Lunch" and it was great too, even though Dom wasn't there. Afterwards, we enjoyed a bit of Taiwanese shaved ice from our boys at Wooly's!

Rockaway Taco
And Saturday was "The Tribeca Taco Takedown". Epic tacos, people. This one was from Rockaway Taco, fresh fried fish in my belly. Completely worth the half hour wait. One of my favorites, Dos Toros, won the entire event. But everyone here was winners. Especially The Food Bank for NYC, who received a portion of the proceeds.

And here's the NYC Food Film Festival crew that I was crazy glad to be a part of. Hopefully, they'll have me back next year!

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