Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York Wine & Food Festival: SWEET 2011


Editor's note: Please welcome Brownie's little brother, Lil' Bobo for some tasty NYCWFF coverage...

On evening of September 30th, Godiva was hosting the SWEET dessert party of the New York Wine & Food Festival at 82 Mercer. Brownie was away, Blondie was busy, Lawman was with Brownie, and given that it was a 21+ event...well Lil' B is 20 years too young. So! Lil' Bobo stepped up to the dessert plate, as it were...

That Friday night it also rained. A lot. In fact, the moment I emerged from Broadway-Lafayette, the downpour began. I was already running a little late, but waiting an additional 25 minutes for the rain to calm, cost me big time; in the form of a crème brûlée donut from Doughnut Plant. I blame it on the rain. Thanks, weather.

Be that as it may, my sweet tooth was satisfied. Here's my top three:


Canoli-Donatella, Fresh Ricotta, orange blossom, pistachio, godiva bittersweet chocolate

Donatella may be better known for their delicious pizza, impressive bar and lovely restaurant. But, should you find room for dessert… no, scratch that… make room for dessert, especially if you're in the mood for a cannoli. Fresh ricotta, orange blossom, pistachio and Godiva bittersweet chocolate. Sweet, slightly salty with the pistachios, crunchy, creamy - this one had it all. I will not admit how many of these I consumed. Donatella - thank you.


Blondie-Brownie_Fat Witch Bakery- caramel brownie, sea salt cranberry blondie

Why, Fat Witch Bakery! You shouldn't have! Flattery, will get you everywhere.

In all seriousness, it was a really good Blondie and Brownie - a caramel brownie and a sea salt, cranberry blondie. Soft, doughy, caramelly (new w0rd), chocolatey goodness.


Choc.ChipCookies - ee Cookies

e.e. Cookies. It was what they brought to the dessert table that made them dangerous; a plethora of assorted cookies the size of Nilla® Wafers. Cookies in miniature form, is danger in disguise. You're not going to have one, you're going to have like 12 or 20, or the platter. "These are free right? Great, thanks." This is how addiction starts; eating a couple of small cookies, totally in control… and then you wake up one morning to find yourself as the Robert Downy Jr. of cookies. I exercised will power and kept it to three; it was difficultly delicious.



The victory was announced by Sandra Lee. Her attempt to quiet down an alcohol and sugar rush fueled crowd was akin to an Elementary School Principle trying to quite down an gymnasium of children. Her address to the audience was something along the lines of this, "guys… guys come on now. Please quiet down. No seriously. *laughs* Ok now. Yeah, I've kind of lost my voice from talking all night so if you could just quiet down… …ok I'll just start…" For whatever it's worth Sandra, I piped down for ya.

Sandra Lee went on to introduce the CEO of Godiva, James Goldman, who ultimately announced Mark Israel as the new SWEET champ.

Big thanks to Blondie and Brownie for letting me have a SWEET time. Doughnut Plant... I'll get you next time


Mo Diva said...

that cannoli looks like one that blew my mind in San Francisco... if there is one like it in NY, my waistline is in trouble.
Thank you!
Im elated right now!

Brownie said...

@Mo Diva:: nice! Happy to help out with cannoli intel. Let us know how it compares with the one you had in SF!

FatManSam said...

I want sea salt on EVERYTHING. My toothpaste, even. Man.