Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unicorns! We Have Unicorns!

Roberta's The Unicorn
I'm interrupting our haphazardly scheduled editorial calendar to bring you some very important news. It involves unicorns. And you thought unicorns didn't exist! Well, they probably don't (sorry, Spatula Queen), but yesterday Roberta's stand at Madison Square Eats had Unicorn pizza! No real or imaginary unicorns were hurt in the process of making this pizza—though one of the guys from Roberta's butchered my name and, as a result, was not offered cupcakes.

Roberta's The Unicorn
For the past two months, one could say that my diet has gone off the rails. Total shit is more how I would put it. Almost every day has involved fried food, excessive sweets, and/or beer. Yesterday morning, I decided it's time to reel it back in. So when my post-run hunger pangs hit within the first hour of my shift at Mad. Sq. Eats, I wanted to keep it slightly on the healthy side i.e. no meatball or pastrami sandwiches! I ran over to Roberta's stand and saw the day's special. It's small, there's dairy, and yay for vegetables! And it was every bit as delicious as it could be. The chard had been slightly roasted, and was perfectly accompanied by the onions. I didn't taste the chili flakes or any real sort of heat at all, and I was happy about that. It would have overpowered the chard, onions, and garlic. I *really* need to make the trip out to their Bushwick home, like stat.

Madison Square Eats is in Worth Square (5th Avenue between 25th and 24th), 11am to 9pm until next Friday, the 21st.


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing. I'm not a chard-maniac but I think it looks very at home. Have to try this!

Brownie said...

#JEALOUS. I need to get to Madison Sq Eats stat so I can finally try Roberta's!