Friday, November 18, 2011

Kansas City 'cue in N-Y-C?

John Brown Rib Tips Sandwich
All those trips to Kansas did yield one good thing, I was spoiled with Kansas City barbecue. If my last trip had taken a few different turns, I would have more to say on the matter—I was secretly planning a little KC BBQ tour for myself. Before I went, a few friends had told me about a new place in LIC, John Brown Smokehouse, that was supposedly serving up Kansas City-style 'cue. Since I thought I had access to the real thing, I wasn't all that interested. And then I didn't really want anything Kansas-related for a few months. Then I began missing my ex-boyfriend delicious Kansas City burnt ends! Yup, pretty much that and Iwig Dairy ice cream! Onto the 'cue!

Macaroni and Cheese
When I went they were already out of burnt ends for the day (fail), so I went with the sweet rib tips. People, this sandwich fell apart in more ways than one. I should have gotten the platter or asked for it on a roll. It was good, but I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed. Neither was a big fan of the mac 'n' cheese. I like mine more cheesy, a little more melty. A friend says this is how her Jamaican relatives make it, and maybe this is Kansas City-style too. I was always focusing on the fries and meat to pay attention to other sides. I will try John Brown's again specifically for the burnt ends because I now have a hankering for them. Or expect an impromptu secret KC jaunt.

John Brown Smokehouse
25-08 37th Avenue
Long Island City/Lower Astoria
(718) 361-0085


James said...

Disappointment! I haven't really enjoyed the rib tips, either. The same goes for brisket and pulled pork (which I think is par for the course for 95% of all barbecue joints).

But do go back to enjoy the burnt ends, spare ribs and chicken! They're not spot-on KC reproductions, but a good homage nonetheless. I worry about consistency, as anyone should with barbecue to some degree, but these have been good to me on several visits to John Brown's.

soma sengupta said...

Great article. Thanks!