Friday, November 4, 2011

Pierogi and Blintzes in Greenpoint

Many people think I moved to Greenpoint for hipster cred or its proximity to Williamsburg and everything it has to offer. Reality is I moved here so I could have my sort of comfort food always available. That and my cheap rent. See I spent my teenage years living next to a former Greenpointer and Polish immigrant. Every few weeks her and a friend would get together to make TRAYS of pierogi, along with other beloved Polish food. Being from a Czech family, this made us happy and brought us together. Her pierogi are still the best in the world, in my mind at least. The ones at Pyza aren't even close, but their blintzes are pretty nice.

While I was doing my research for Cheap Eats in Greenpoint, a friend and I stopped by Pyza to check out their offerings. I had been hearing about them for a while now, but the source wasn't as well-versed in exceptional pierogi eating as I am. Pyza will regularly serve up their pierogi steamed, not fried which more than irritated my dining mate. Aside from that, the smooth and creamy potato filling was pretty great, but I found the dough a little too gummy for my taste. On the other hand, the blintzes were perfectly pan-fried, with thin skins and filled with farmer cheese. The generous dusting of powdered sugar also helped. I would visit Pyza again in a heart-beat since this stick to your ribs meal was all of $14 with two drinks.

118 Nassau Avenue
(718) 349-8829

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