Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Save Some Mashed Potatoes!

potato doughnuts

Mashed potatoes. Simple and comforting, they're definitely a favored Thanksgiving side dish in my family. But this year I'm going to be skipping seconds and hoarding my 'tato leftovers. Why? Because mashed potatoes make for mean doughnuts...

Made with mashed potatoes in place of a portion of the flour, potato doughnuts are surprisingly light and fluffy. Inspired by my dog-eared 1967 copy of the All-Maine Cooking by Ruth Wiggin and Loana Shibles, I developed a recipe for Potato Doughnuts for a recent installment of my American Classics column for Serious Sweets. I'd always been a bit intimidated by frying. So much oil! So much potential for spattering/bodily injury! Yet, I found doughnut making to be remarkably easy and actually kind of relaxing. There's something very satisfying about watching dough turn perfectly golden. And there's something even more satisfying about eating fresh doughnuts.

Potato Doughnut

With a dusting of sugar and a hint of spice, these doughnuts lack the heaviness that often accompanies cake doughnuts. And no one will ever guess that spuds lie within. If you're getting up early for Black Friday, all the more reason to start your day right with a satisfying breakfast.


Keis said...

I love that all of my favorite blogs are connected - I had no idea that you were on Serious Sweets!

CrazyNutsMom said...

Shut the front door!

We have a lot of extra potatoes left over from Thanksgiving!

This would make an awesome dessert for the kids to help with, minus the oil part! :)


Frank Kraemer said...

They also taste great with sweet potatoes, just don't add too much sugar.