Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baking with Little Ones

stained glass window "cookies"
As of this very moment over the course of a few short days, I've made: stained glass window cookies, potato doughnuts, monkey bread (twice!) and concakes all with the help of some young chefs in-training...my nieces...

This year we're spending Christmas with my in-laws which means a full house and plenty of small helping hands in the kitchen. My nieces, ages 10, 9, and 6 all love cooking and over the years I've seen them grow in their skills. The oldest two are proficient in measuring ingredients and excellent at whisking. It's been exciting for me to see how they've been able to master tasks and take pride in serving their creations. The stained glass window recipe I recently blogged for Serious Sweets is an ideal recipe to make with even wee cooks. It's a no bake recipe (you just melt the chocolate in the microwave), but there's some good stirring involved, so even my 4 year old nephew felt like he was able to contribute. Plus, it's made of two very important food groups: chocolate and marshmallow.

What are your favorite recipes to make with kids?

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