Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brunching in Brooklyn Heights

Chocolate Brioche
Remember how Brownie, Little B, and I ate waffles *after* brunch? Well, this is the brunch in question. Sorry for the slightly blurry photographs. Little B has learned things like how to eat my half of the shared doughnut, and when you're trying to fight off a 18-month-old you tend to say "Yea, whatever, shot's good. That's not your half of the doughnut, Little B." We had decided to meet that day for brunch at Colonie, a newer restaurant—it opened last February—on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights.

Lemon Muffin & Doughnut
We knew we had to try the homemade doughnuts, one of which was available in their basket of baked goods ($7), so that was to split. Besides the doughnut, it came with a lemon muffin and an almond chocolate brioche. The muffin was moist and tangy, the doughnut sugary fried goodness (yes, Little B did eat most of my half), but the chocolate brioche just didn't do it for me. It was dry and needed a good amount of butter and/or jam to make me happy. I could have easily skipped it.

Biscuit Benedict
For our main meals, I got the Biscuits Benedict while Brownie got their Mushroom Egg Toast. Both were simple done up a wee bit fancy. Perfectly poached eggs covered in rich hollandaise were soaked up nicely by dense biscuits. And that's not bacon in the middle, it's heritage ham. Brownie seemed to love her dish. The fried eggs and toast were covered in (I think) slightly sauteed shimeji mushrooms and a generous amount of parmesan. As for price, I'd say they were about in line with what you'd expect from a classier spot; my dish was $14 while hers was $12. I don't know if either of us will run back, but it's a definite spot to keep in mind for date nights.

Colonie NYC
127 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn Heights
(718) 855-7500


Cat@ Breakfast to Bed said...

This looks divine. I haven't been to Colonie yet, but brunch seems like a safer bet, no?

BlondeBomber said...

Those brownies look amazing. I just made some of thebest cupcakes ever and they were brownie cake. Thanks for sharing this.

The Internet and The Unicorn said...

is this placed packed during normal brunch hours?