Friday, December 23, 2011

The Festivus for the Rest of Us

Grape Nuts Topped Ice Cream from Big Gay Ice Cream

Happy Festivus! If you need a break from all the shopping and wrapping and endless loops of Mariah Carey Christmas music, scoot yourself on over to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop for the first annual Big Gay Festivus Extravaganza going on TODAY. Grievances will be aired, feats of strength will be performed and Festivus Miracle Cones will be consumed...

The miracle cones consist of vanilla ice cream (dyed green) and topped with red sprinkles ($6) and all proceeds from the cone go to New York Cares. You get ice cream, NY Cares gets donations, it's a win/win. And if that's not enough, you can air your grievances, yes, all of them, via their webcam. It's your last chance to get your Big Gay Ice Cream fix in '11. What are you waiting for?

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
125 East 7th Street
(1st Avenue & Avenue A)
New York NY 10009
Winter Hours: Open Daily 2pm-11pm
Closed 12/24/11 through 1/1/12

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perception in print said...

I love the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, the salty pimp is a must try, it has so many flavor profiles...creamy, sweet, salty, crunchy = Divine!