Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! "Astounding" Multi-flavor Holiday Joe Joe's

Holiday Joes Joes
Trader Joe's has my number. I go with a list and I come out with plenty of unintended purchases like these "Astounding Multi-flavored Joe Joe's," as soon as I saw the giant display, I had to try them, I mean they're astounding, right...?

Here's what you get: chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe's, chocolate covered peanut butter Joe Joe's, chocolate covered chocolate Joe Joe's, and white chocolate covered ginger Joe Joe's. I was most excited by the ginger Joe Joe's--so different. So Christmasy, but alas they were a tad too sweet for me. A friend did liken them to the ginger Newman's O's, which I hear are quite good, so if you don't mind white chocolate these are worth a try. I was also expecting to love the peanut butter Joe Joe's, but they weren't peanutty enough for me. Lawman loved the chocolate covered Joe Joe's, while my hands down favorites were the peppermint ones. It's a fun box and a good assortment for company, but for me in this case the astounding marketing overplayed the product. I think my expectations were that these cookies would be utterly mind blowing instead of just pretty good. Sigh.


Blog Delichius said...

You got that right! Trader's Joe is great!!So is your blog. I love it!

Amalia said...

I did try some of these as a gift from my friend and I agree, they were a tad too sweet. But I still liked them. They're pretty much just chocolate covered Oreo's, but better. I love that you have reviews, and I love your blog. I'm glad I "bumped" into it :)