Monday, December 19, 2011

Travels with Brownie: Pastries at Olive & Gourmando in Montreal

Chocolate brioche
Just got back from a quickie vacation in Montreal with Lawman & Little B and I'm still stuffed. Man, oh man, those Québécois are serious about food. And there are few spots as charming as Old Montreal's Olive & Gourmando to settle in for a nice cuppa and a breakfast pastry. Like their fab chocolate brioche...

When I went to order my pastries I'll admit that the Chocolatines (aka pain au chocolates aka chocolate croissants) immediately caught my eye. But then I spotted the enormous chocolate brioches ($3.95) and remembering my experience with Colson Patisserie in Park Slope where their chocolate brioches were described as "like the pain au chocolat but more flavorful". A quick tête-à-tête with the lady at the counter confirmed that for maximum tastiness it was, indeed, a chocolate brioche that I was after.

This was unlike any chocolate brioche I've had before. It was wound up like a cinnamon roll, but instead of a dusting of cinnamon, each of the inner spirals was full of little bits of Valrhona chocolate. Sheer heaven.

Apple Turnover 2
Also, worth a try are the apple turnovers with cinnamon sugar. The pastry is so light, so buttery, so flakey and the filling so melt-in-your mouth tender, that these are near impossible to share. Just build some extra walking into your trip so you can enjoy both without hesitation.

Olive & Gourmando
351 Rue Saint Paul Ouest Montreal, QC, Canada
(514) 350-1083

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