Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Cookie, Cookie, CookieTime!


If you've been following our Twitter, you know that Blondie is away in lovely San Francisco. Eating fabulous things like Animal Style In-N-Out burgers and morning buns at Tartine. I can only hope that she stuffs her suitcase with Dynamo Donuts for a certain friend back home (ahem). Any way, with Blondie away, Brownie will play...and embark on a crazy late night baking project...

On a whim I decided to enter Instructables' Cookie Contest. This is how my brain works cookie-->Cookie Monster-->cookie time-->CookieTime. Yes, once the image of Cookie Monster on an iPhone on CookieTime entered my brain, I had to make it happen. If you need a little CookieTime in your life, check out my Instructable and feel free to vote for my cookie or one of the other awesome entries. Enjoy!

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