Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Locande Verde is Officially on the "Must List"

Every now and then we get emails asking where we think a New York visitor "must" go when in town. We'll generally respond with the same list of places, mostly our favorites. Now we have another to add to the list: Locanda Verde. Until a few weeks ago, I wasn't aware that their awesome food did not come with an outrageous receipt: perfect for locals and tourists.

Locanda's Gingerbread House
When Locanda Verde opened awhile back, I wrongly assumed that it's TriBeCa address and swanky clientele meant it was totally out of my limited budget. Then a few friends of mine found out I'd never been, put my fears to rest, and off we went for dinner! I don't have a picture, but we started with their homemade sheep's milk ricotta. Creamy, fluffy, and beyond delicious, I wanted to lick the plate. I'm serious.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Our dinners to share were their Orecchiette with fennel sausage, Spice-Glazed Duck, and a side Roasted Brussels Sprouts with pancetta. The sprouts were roasted to perfection and had pancetta, need I say more? The duck came with skin, very juicy, and flavorful. The orecchiette's ample amount of sausage and rapini made it quite the filling meal on its own. I wouldn't say no to having either of these dishes again.

La Fantasia di Caramello
Pastry Chef Karen DeMasco desserts also really shine here. Don't worry about having an awesome meal only to be served a half-assed dessert. All three we got were excellent: Toffee Date Cake, Maple Budino, and La Fantasia di Caramello. If I'd *have* to pick one to eat again, it'd be the La Fantastia. It's a great size and has perfect textural differences to make it a truly awesome dessert. But I'd totally each all three again.

Locanda Verde
377 Greenwich St
(212) 925-3797

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