Monday, January 9, 2012

Mac & Cheese Pizza in Williamsburg!

Pizza from Vinnie's
I've passed Vinnie's Pizzeria on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg many, many times, but never did I bother to take a step in. I knew it's considered one of the better pizzas, which is also evidenced by the constant crowds. It wasn't until one of the holiday nights over the break where every other restaurant was closed did I take a step into Vinnie's. And I found Mac & Cheese pizza!

Brownie and I have a dream trip planned to Wisconsin, partly for mac and cheese pizza, and I hope that Wisconsinites know how to heat up pizza because this probably tastes better heated. After placing my order, my two slices went into an oven for less than 30 seconds. When you have something like mac and cheese, you need to get it good and hot to get melty. Neither of my slices were sufficiently warmed. This made me sad. I ate them regardless while wondering how a place is so popular and yet doesn't know how to warm up pizza?

Vinnie's Pizzeria
148 Bedford Ave
(718) 782-7078


Cindie said...

That looks amazing (minus the not-quite-warm-enough-ness). I'm definitely going to have to try making this at home!

Hungry said...

Mac N Cheese pizza has been all over NJ for awhile. I've also had fried calamari pizza in NJ which was awesome!

holly x said...

what's the other one?

Unknown said...

Very creative recipe, something I have not seen or tried before. Looks great!

Dana Marie said...

I'm from Chicago and have yet to try a Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. The one in Williamsburg looks delicious! I have to say I'd be upset too if I went all the way there just to get a slice and it wasn't heated up. Is that gyro meat on the other one?

Siobhan said...

The other pizza was (I believe) chicken parm. It was cold too, and not especially noteworthy in my mind!