Friday, January 13, 2012

The Special Pork Hamburger at Bark

I met friends at Bark in Park Slope last week hoping to try their hot dog, but my eye got caught on one of their specials: a pork hamburger. If you know Bark, you know that this wasn't just any pork, it was delicious heritage breed pork. I bit the $8 bullet and got it.

Pork Hamburger
First thing, if you're someone who has issues with appearances, you might want to skip this. Years of conditional training that hamburgers should not be pink made me second guess my choice. The burger was good, well-bred pigs always having a bit more taste than conventional ones. And I liked the addition of sauerkraut into the mix--it was a nice texture contrast. But I don't know if I would run to try this. I wasn't full afterwards, and definitely needed more food if I was going to make it through to dinner. Next time, I'll finally pony up to try their dogs.

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen Street
Park Slope
(718) 789-1939

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