Thursday, January 5, 2012

Travels with Blondie: Heading on Down to Reston, Virgina

Silver Diner Breakfast
Last year, Big Bobo really flew the nest after taking a job on the outskirts of DC. Now he lives happily in the 'burbs of Virginia, walking around semi-wooded areas, entertaining the idea of taking up running, quitting his 20 year long smoking habit. I dare say he's officially a 10 o'clock bedtime adult. I went to visit him for a break from my life with a few nice nights in a hotel room (indoor pool!), and I found that there's a thriving Farm-to-Table diner chain! Color me impressed Virgin-Mar-Jersey!

Silver Diner
I spotted a Silver Diner or two on the way to my brother's house and thought that it was just some diner chain, but my sis-in-law told me they were so much more than that. They try to buy fresh and local, working with farms who practice sustainable agriculture, with some meat coming from Kansas' own Creekstone Farms. Everything we had was fresh, delicious, and affordable. The best part is they have a rewards card where if you show up 5 times in three months, you get $5 off your bill. When we went the diner was thriving, and I was proud to see people embracing the farm-to-table movement (or just simply enjoying a good breakfast in the 'burbs.) If you find yourself in the DC Metro area, you should totally stop by for some breakfast.

Red Velvet Cupcakery
Another highlight of the trip was stopping by Red Velvet Cupcakery in Reston's Town Center. I went for their cookies and cream cupcake: chocolate buttermilk cake with cookie pieces topped with their smooth American buttercream. They are gorgeous little cupcakes, and they use quality ingredients, but I found it hard to justify this small thing for $3.25 each. That price would cause outrage and rioting in the streets in New York, and here we were in Northern Virginia. Though, I wouldn't mind having their cakes again.

Silver Diner
Locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey

Red Velvet Cupcakery
11939 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA
(703) 464-7075


Sarah said...

I used to eat there when I lived in Arlington, but didn't realize they had gotten into the local food chain. I'll have to go back...

If you go again check out the Chunky Monkey milkshake. It was my favorite.

Best Deals said...

I think it's a good place to visit. Their food looks so delicious and affordable especially their cupcakes, looks so gorgeous and quite tempting.