Monday, January 16, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Portuguese Rotisserie Awesomeness Abounds at Montreal’s Coco Rico

Combo Plate from Coco Rico

On our recent trip to Montreal, I don’t think that we had a bad meal the entire visit. Some of our dinners were a good bit fancier than what we typically go out for in the city--we’re cheap eats folk through and through--so it’s not surprising that one of my fondest meal memories is the combo platter we shared at Coco Rico...

Coco Rico Rotisserie3

lived in Portugal for several years during high school and the tales of the meals they enjoyed there, particularly the rotisserie chicken. When we were researching where to eat in Montreal and discovered that there’s a fairly large and vibrant Portuguese community, we had to seek out some Portuguese food.

Coco Rico Rotisserie2

Our dinner at Coco Rico was the cheapest meal of our trip and among the most satisfying. For $9.99 (Canadian! though these days that’s pretty much the same as American…) we got their #2 combo: a quarter chicken, ribs, and roast pork plus their tender little roast potatoes.

Coco Rico Rotisserie4

These weren’t any ordinary roast potatoes, you see, at Coco Rico, they line the bottom of their roasters with the potatoes so they are slow cooked in the fatty meat drippings making for a super flavorful carb fix. Lawman and I shared this with Little B, who was a big fan of their roast pork and it was enough for the three of us (and we’re talking three people with very healthy appetites).

Coco Rico Rotisserie

While the space isn’t ideal for if you’re looking for a sit-down experience, it’s more of a take-out joint, however, there is a narrow bar and high stools. If you’re looking for cheap eats in Montreal, you can add this to your must list along with Schwartz’s Delicatessen just up the road.

Coco Rico
3907 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2W 1X9, Canada
(514) 849-5554

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