Monday, January 2, 2012

What Was Your First Meal of 2012?

First Slice of the New Year
Hello, 2012! You look all shiny and new. And if my first bites of the year are any indication, you're going to be delicious....

First Di Fara's Pizza

Lawman and I rang in New Year's with our favorite pizza from Di Fara's, a round pie topped with semi-dried cherry tomatoes. It's hard to find words to describe how good this pizza is. In fact, I'm surprised that I haven't blogged about it already. After all, this was my first meal post-hospital after Little B was born. I've never been a fan of sundried tomatoes. Too sweet. Too many memories of the late 80s/early 90s when they worked their way into everything from dips to bagels to crackers. But semi-sun dried tomatoes? That's an entirely different story.

Lawman and I first discovered these in Ireland and it's a pity that they aren't widely available here in the States. Basically tomatoes are half dried then preserved in olive oil. They are sweet, but not cloyingly so, and burst in your mouth. When these lovelies adorn a Di Fara's pie they inevitably get a little char from the oven.

It was hard not to polish off the whole pizza on New Year's Eve--especially with Little B agitating for "MOAR" but inspired by some fellow patrons who have a tradition of eating Di Fara pizza for their last meal of the old year and the first meal of the new one, we managed to save a slice and a bit. Popped it in the toaster oven on 300 for just a few and voila--best New Year's breakfast ever. What did you have for your first meal of '12?


Let Me Eat Cake said...

pizza is a great start to the year! we went with dim sum our go to hang over cure :) happy new year!

Ana_ILTdP said...

Hola! That's a nice breakfast!! I must confess I love pizza for breakfast.

Happy new year!!