Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Do You Bake For?

Conecakes in progress

Right now it's 12:49am and I'm up baking. It's not surprising to find me up at a late hour baking, though since Little B's arrival I've cut back on the crazy baking hours just a little bit. But for me it's never baking just for the sake of baking because I don't bake for myself. I bake for people I care about...

All of my best creations are recipes I've thought up for friends and families. I came up with the Elvis cupcake for Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

First birthday cake

I made a bannana-rific monkey cake for Little B's first birthday.

Pirate Monkey Cupcake Close up

And pirate monkey cupcakes for my nieces piratical 10th birthday.

Tonight I'm wishing, hoping and crossing my fingers that by the time you read this tomorrow morning I'll have a beautiful monkey bread to share with one of my dear friends on her last day at work tomorrow. She's long been one of my biggest baking champions and I couldn't let her leave without one last treat-to-end-all-treats.

Who's your baking inspiration?


BettyLeopard said...

If I bake it has to be for other people, if I don't then I run the awful risk of eating an entire pan of brownies or batch of cupcakes on my own :(
Baking for other people also makes me challenge myself to try new things and put more effort into the final finish. If it's only me that's going to see it then I might as well skip the baking stage and just eat the raw batter.
Love your blog

Brownie said...

@Betty Leopard: lol! Good point about the batter! Seeing someone enjoy something I made is the best reward, at least for me.

Unknown said...

Wow! Mouthwatering...:)

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Lemon said...

Your cakes look so lovely, I am sure everybody who gets them will be overwhelmed.