Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Heart Pancakes!

Heart Shaped pancakes

Pancakes. I love 'em. Love them for breakfast. Love them for lunch. Love them for dinner and dessert, too. As I kid, I always loved when my mom would my pancakes in the shape of bears with chocolate chips for features, but it wasn't until I checked out the book OMG Pancakes by Jim Belosic that I discovered all of the possibilities pancakes provide...

Three hearts
The main tools you need to create awesome pancakes are squeeze bottles (think like those red and yellow colored ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles), a touch of color, and a sense of fun. Last weekend I made these heart shape pancakes for my guys. The key with the thinly outlined pancakes is slow and low so they don't get burned or discolored.

Heart pancake plate

The book has lots of tips and instructions for creating really awesome pancakes for the little (or big) pancake lovers in your life. Perhaps with time I'll graduate to making Millenium Falcons...

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Leung said...

The big pancake lover in my life is turning 33 next week and I am hoping to make him a giant happy bday pancake! I like the idea of using squeeze bottles to make shapes as I have been mostly trying to ladle the batter with a cup. A squeeze bottle will probably allow me to possibly spell out a message or two, or even layer it.