Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pok Pok Winging It

Pok Pok Wings
Pok Pok Wing opened on the Lower East Side a little more than a month ago, and when I found myself passing by and in need an afternoon snack recently, you know I went for it. What's a couple of chicken wings right before dinner? Not much when you've barely eaten all day. And dudes, these wings are gooooooooood.

Like garlic, fish sauce, salty, sweet, fried chicken awesome. Pok Pok originally started in Portland, supposedly offering more authentic Thai cuisine, before opening up shop here, much to the delight of many. It's probably the best fried chicken wing in town right now--fabulously crunchy and the garlic fish sauce coating is addictive. But don't think this half order of three wings will be cheap. It's $7.25! I don't know why it's $7.25. The whole place is sort of on the expensive side. Maybe because of rent?

Pok Pok Wing
137 Rivington Street
(212) 477-1299


TT said...

expensive, but worth it.

Chef Ricker knows his Thai. He cooked at the Cochon 555 event at James Beard last month. Made an awesome soup.

Erin said...

The wings at the Pok Pok in Portland are pretty expensive, too, though I don't think it's quite $7.25 for three. Yikes! They are awfully tasty, though...