Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ricotta Toast at 61 Local

Honey Ricotta Toast
I don't get to 61 Local that much. Well, at all, really. That's a shame since it's literally 10 steps off the G at Bergen. I stopped by a few Saturdays ago for the Eat-to-Blogversary, and even though it was covered with babies--just babies everywhere--I stayed awhile to have something to eat with my Steve's Ice Cream. I chose their Honey Ricotta Toast. I chose wrong.

Honey Ricotta Toast
It should have worked according to the description: Salvatore BKLYN smoked ricotta, buckwheat honey, PISTACHIO DUST! But when it arrived, it just didn't. The honey overtakes the subtle ricotta flavor, and the pistachio dust throws everything off. It did get better once I let the honey soak in a bit. I was epically sad. Is there something else I should have been trying?

61 Local
61 Bergen St
(347) 763-6624


Anonymous said...

Be a Brooklyn transplant original -Stop baby hating - We didnt hate you when you got here.

From Brooklyn

Siobhan said...

Well when your kid decides to make a run for it, and knocks into someone holding a beer who accidentally soaks your kid (or worse), don't yell at that person. Just realize you decided to have your kid's party at a bar. Like an alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

Alright you win - I hate people who take their kids to adult places and get mad when you dont automatically dont romper room for the benefit of their genetically engineered selfish brat more then I hate stroller haters. Next time provide more context so I can judge you correctly. Love the blog beeteedubs.

3030 said...

Not really. I find the place subpar. At best. The beer list is especially unimaginative.