Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Revisting Dunkin Donuts in Colombia

Colombian Dunkin Donuts
¡Hola, amigos! ¡Que rico verte! Lawman and I have returned from Little B's first trip to Colombia. I have lots of pics of tasty Colombian food to download from my camera, but in honor of Fat Tuesday, let's talk donuts, specifically Dunkin Donuts because in Colombia it's a whole different ball game...

Colombian Dunkin Donuts Selection

On my last trip to Colombia I discovered that Dunkin Donuts is a hugely popular spot in Bogotá's El Dorado Airport. I grew up with Dunkin, so even if my tastes these days tend towards the intensely flavorful, puffy doughnut wonders from Dough in Brooklyn, I still have a good bit of nostalgia for good ol' DD. The thing about the Dunkin Donuts shops in Colombia is that they are a veritable playground of highly processed donut goodness mixed with local flavor--think donuts in arequipe (a Colombian caramel spread similar to dulce de leche), mora (Andean blackberry), guayaba (guava) and arequipe (a caramel spread similar to dulce de leche). They have a donut called the "dunkin" that even has a little handle presumably for dunkin' action.

Colombian Dunkin Donuts Shop

On our various inter-Colombia flights I gazed somewhat longingly in the direction of the mini Dunkin Donuts kiosks. Alas, there wasn't time to stop, so I saved up my trip for our long layover before our return trip when we nabbed an arequipe and a mora donut. This proved to be a poor choice because of the hour. I should have realized that a donut bought at 9:00pm in a non-baking location would not be as fresh as it should be. The arequipe held up better than the mora.

Picture 009

Next time I'm going for the choco-mani (chocolate peanut) and I'm going early!

If all this donut talk has you longing for some fried delights closer to homecheck out these recent recipes I posted for Maple Bacon Long Johns and Pączki for some make-your-own donut madness.


Ladies Holiday said...

I never imagined in a million years D -n- D was international...I too grew up with it in the neighborhood. Wild!

Chef Jen DePalma said...

Dunkin Donuts in Colombia- who knew!!