Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying Gorilla's Turkey Grilled Cheese

Gorilla Cheese Truck
Now that we're writing a book about NYC's street meat scene, I've been trying to take every additional opportunity to eat at food trucks and carts. Yes, more than I normally was already. So when I found myself starving in Union Square last weekend, and saw the Gorilla Cheese truck--a truck I've had yet to try--I chomped at the bit. I am currently trying to get my running up to par in order to complete the NY Road Runners 9+1 challenge and I needed a little extra lean protein that day, so I went with their turkey with cheddar.

Turkey Grilled Cheese
And this is what I got. A decent sized sandwich if it had had more than two slices of cold cut turkey! It wasn't even deli-sliced, something I find a little unacceptable seeing as we live in the Boars Head capital of the world. Not that Boars Head is okay with me (nitrates give me headaches.) It was fine enough, the cheese was gooey deliciousness and I loved the texture contrast from the multi-grain bread, but I guess I was expecting a little bit more for $8. I've not given up on Gorilla Cheese or any of the other grilled cheese trucks yet, but when I can get this for $10, the bar is high.

You can follow Gorilla Cheese via their Twitter @gcnyc1 or the weekly schedule on their website at


Lacey Bean said...

Did you try Morris Truck yet? SUCH good grilled cheese!!

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

That sandwich looks great.

Siobhan said...

@Lacey, I've been trying to get to Morris!