Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whoopie Pies at Joyce's in Prospect Heights

Black and White Cookie
I wasn't aware of Joyce's Bakeshop in Prospect Heights until I was doing research on the city's best black and white cookies. I liked their take on the black and white, using frosting instead of fondant, though that does make it a little hard to save the cookie for later. While I was there, I made a mental note to come back and try more treats, and a few months later--when an Ample Hills visit went awry--I stopped by Joyce's again. This time I spied a whoopie pie.

Whoopie Pie
Brownie is definitely more of the whoopie pie expert, but I think I've been downing quite a number of them in the past few years. Joyce's is medium sized, enough for a few bites, but not sickeningly large. Their cake part has moist with a good rise--I believe every whoopie pie needs to have that quintessential bump. My problem landed with the filling. I think it was all marshmallow creme--no buttercream or shortening added in. Whoopie pie filling does not equal marshmallow creme! I'll still stop by when walking around Prospect Heights, there are a few more things I'd like to try out there.

Joyce's Bakeshop
646 Vanderbilt Avenue
Prospect Heights
(718) 623-7470

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