Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Know You Want Chocolate Today

Scharffen Berger
Happy Valentine's Day! Call everyone you love and let them know it! And then let yourself eat chocolate all day long. It's like Thanksgiving, but you don't have to travel and no one has to make turkey! Wins! And if you want to get some free chocolate (free is always sweeter) head on down to 14th Street & 9th Ave because Scharffen Berger has a tent full of choco-liciousness!

From 8am to 3pm today, Scharffen Berger's tent of love--as I like to call it--will have sample flights of their chocolate tasting squares, warm cups of hot chocolate made with their semisweet chocolate, chocolate grams that you can personalize and mail to friends and family across the country courtesy of Scharffen Berger, and last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts! Everything's free and open to the public, so stop moping and get yourself some chocolate!

1 comment:

Chelsea, Food Buff said...

I could cry. I cannot believe I missed this!!! Grrrrrr. :)