Monday, March 5, 2012

And Another Orwasher's Doughnut

Orwasher's Strawberry Doughnut
After the first Orwasher's doughnut less than a month ago, I've been patiently awaiting my next chance to visit the Upper East Side store. And my patience was worth it! Mean Librarian smuggled me some precious goods (more on that on Wednesday), and when I was unable to procure them on last Thursday, I did the next best thing--visit her at work which just so happens to be two blocks away from Orwasher's. "You totally did this for the doughnut." She knows me, that lady.

Orwasher's Strawberry Doughnut
This time, I went with sugar coated instead of chocolate-covered, and filled it with strawberry. This made me a crazy sugary mess upon eating, but I didn't care. The jam filling was outrageously delicious, with nice chunks of strawberries--it reminded me of summer and sunshine. A friend tells me that the blueberry filling is where it's at; I know what I'm getting next time.

Orwasher's Bakery
308 East 78th Street
(212) 288-6569

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Witzel said...

Your friend is clearly highly evolved. Also try the black raspberry, especially in the sugar doughnut. While I do love the chocolate-iced glazed shell, some fillings just don't seem to "go" as well with that (sour cherry, for one).

Now it's a race to see who tries all five in both shells first!