Thursday, March 8, 2012

Entenmann's New York Style Crumb Cake

Entenmann's Coffee Cake
Entenmann's and I go way back. Waayyyyyyy back. Many a fond memory centers ago devouring their various treats--the soft chocolate chip cookies, the slightly waxy, chocolate covered doughnuts and the crumb cake, oh, the crumb cake. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...The faint lemony flavor of the cake. The light dusting of powdered sugar atop the craggy, crumbly surface. The magical ratio of crumb to cake. I could go on and on. At some point in my post-college life I rediscovered Entenmann's crumb cake--probably as a result of one of the frequent Entenmann's sales. Then I made the terrible discovery that as a grown up you can use your own money to buy crumb cake. And you can have unrestricted access to said crumb cake. And really that square dish is just a giant square of crumb cake...for one...

Several years ago, I was depressed (relieved?) to notice that Entenmann's reformulated their coffee cake so that it now included NUT PASTE [CASHEWS, COCONUT, HAZELNUTS (FILBERTS), PECANS, WALNUTS]. Since I'm allergic to tree nuts this put their coffee cake safely off limits. I wept. I mourned. I moved on.

Then a recent trip to the supermarket revealed a dangerous addition to their product line. A coffee cake that tastes very much like the classic under the name "New York-style crumb cake." The cake is slightly different--I remember the old version having a less delicate crumb--it was as little more like a yeast cake. Still the flavor is all there. I've tried the other coffee cakes in their line and none of them, especially not the "Ultimate" crumb cake can hold a candle to the classic, until now.

If there's a 10 step program for kicking coffee cake addiction, please send it my way. Until then, pass a fork. I've got a few years worth of catching up to do.


Andrea said...

Brownie you totally cracked me up here. I love how you describe the pan of crumb cake really just being one large square of cake for one person! You are hilarious. Love this blog, been reading for about 3 years.

Blondie and Brownie said...

Haha! Thanks, Maria! It is just a single serving, isn't it? :) said...

Lovely post. Having worked too close to the Entenmann's warehouse on Troy Ave. in Brooklyn; I do know my stuff.
Have you considered the Entenmann's ummm 'Dinner'? Cheesecake as the appetizer cheese course, Perhaps the Rasberry Twist for the fruit/veggie course, and a nice Chocolate Blackout(in season) for dessert.
Seems well balanced (and meat free) to me. Cheers to that single serving pan!