Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally Going to SriPraPhai

Fried Soft Shell Crab
SriPraPhai has been around as one of the best Thai places in the city for years now. When I was commuting out to Queens, I would often see their sign below the 7 and ponder getting off for some dinner. I never did. When I moved to North Brooklyn, I pondered going the few stops for dinner. For two and a half years, I never did. Then Donny from Eat To Blog decided to get a group together to finally go. And I made it! And it was goooooood.

I didn't know what to order, so I left it up to everyone else. I'm no real Thai expert--it's usually Pad Thai or Pad See Ew and maybe a spring roll thrown in for good measure. The group was having none of that. My favorite dish was the fried soft shell crab (above)--not too spicy, deliciously crunchy crab. I loved the addition of garlic and basil into the mix. I could have eaten this whole plate by myself.

Crispy Chinese Watercress
Also great was the crispy Chinese watercress. It's fried greens, how can it not be good?

Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork
Chinese broccoli with crispy pork was another it seems all healthy, but not really. I'd totally eat more vegetables if they came with crispy pork.

Drunken Noodles
The Drunken Noodles were the closest to what I usually have at Thai joints. Of course this was better than most I've ever had. Spice kicks with soft noodles, best for those just starting out who can handle some spiciness.

Over on Eat to Blog, there are more pictures plus one of the green curry which was the spiciest thing on the table (I couldn't handle it). I think we'll be going back specifically to see how their Pad Thai and Pad See Ew hold up.

6413 39th Avenue
Woodside, Queens
(718) 899-9599


Elspeth said...

I have wanted to go there so bad! How did the crab compare to Wondee Siam? There's was reallll good.

Natasha McEachron said...

Mmmm, the crab and Chinese broccoli with crispy pork look soooo good. I've heard of SriPraPhai but haven't gotten around to visiting. I've got to move this place higher up on my list.

Siobhan said...

You ladies need to make plans and go eat there! We went on a Tuesday night at a normal dinner time and there wasn't a wait at all. I've been putting this off for years, and was so mad at myself for doing so.

Elspeth said...

whoa. I'm ashamed of my misuse of "there's."

jason carey said...

You are 4 years too late on this one.. the place has been sliding down the scale of authenticity and excellence and is now a shadow of its former self..

Frank Kraemer said...

Their food looks delicious. This is a great excuse for me to drive to the city to have some nice Thai food. Thanks