Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forget Girl Scout Cookies, Just Get a Thin Mint Shake

Salty Pimp with Sprinkles
(sorry for the blur, I was just so excited from the sprinkles)

You never know what you'll find at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Right now it's neon sprinkles that can turn your regular ho-hum Salty Pimp into a "Salty Pimp, 1989 Miami Edition". Also, Thin Mint Shakes.

Thin Mint Shake
Yup, a thick milkshake of ice cream and crushed up Thin Mints. Minty delicious, and the perfect date dessert if you want to get your swerve on after. A few of the chocolatey pieces do get stuck at the bottom of the straw which can lead to sucky face, so be careful of that, beautiful people. This was yesterday's special--check their Twitter (@biggayicecream) before heading on over to see if it'll be around again. Or just head over for the neon sprinkles.

*sorry for the short post. I just finally bought a SLR and I've never spent that much money on one item IN MY LIFE and I really just need to go down some bourbon and pass out before I can do a stop payment.*

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