Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peanut. Butter. Filled. DOUGHNUT!

PB & Jam Doughnut
If you're following my Foursquare or Foodspotting or our mutual Twitter (which is like 80% of the time me because Brownie's got important things to do like raise a child), you'd know that I stopped by Bowery Diner recently and *FREAKED OUT* because of their PB & Jam doughnut. Early reviews of the places were mixed partly because it seemed everyone thought they were paying too much money for diner dinner food. I went for lunch and I left feeling like a grown-up grad student after my PEANUT BUTTER FILLED DOUGHNUT!!!

Grilled Cheese
So, let me backtrack here. When I was a wee lass during that magical time in my life called college, my fellow Hunter students and I frequently ate at Neil's on 70th and Lex. My go-to meal was a grilled cheese with fries and coffee. This was the sober side of my undergraduate years when all my vices had whittled away to beer and cigarettes. And coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Fast forward seven years, and you have a grown up me with grad school, a book, writing gigs, and future career decisions looming. This me sits down at Bowery Diner and decides to get a grilled cheese with coffee. For old time's sake.

Grilled Cheese
But this is grown-up me. I get the salad on the side instead of fries, and the grilled cheese isn't slices of cheese food between white bread. It's Cheddar and Swiss with garlic and thyme on good country bread--beautifully toasted to melted goodness and easily a fulfilling lunch complete with a decent pickle spear. There's nothing worse than getting a terrible tasting pickle spear. Grown-up me is willing to pay $10 for this meal (the salad isn't worth $4 bucks in my opinion though it is made with nice crispy lettuce and scallion vinaigrette dressing). $6 delicious gourmet grilled cheese>$5.50 undergrad grilled cheese, hands down.

PB & Jam Doughnut
The whole time I was devouring my lunch, I kept sneaking peeks at their doughnut display. "You're being sort of healthy today. 80/20. 80/20!" said my good angel. "Mmmmm, doughnuts. You ate salad, you're so virtuous!" said the devil. When I saw "PB and Jam" doughnut, it was freaking over for my diet. I expected peanut butter flavor with jam instead like everyone else does, but NO! They have to be all different. A huge amount of peanut butter is stuffed inside this precious baby. Totally worth $3 and your day's diet. Freaking awesome!

P.S. to all the Bowery Diner haters--at least they didn't include the "Diet Delights" section of the usual diner menu. Who is this person who goes to diners to eat cottage cheese? I would like to shake their hand.

Bowery Diner
241 Bowery
(212) 388-0052


Mindy said...

A PB&J donut?? Sign me up!

Siobhan said...

It's so good. I keep thinking about it. They have all sorts of doughnuts there!