Monday, March 26, 2012

Somewhat Healthy Food at Shopsin's

Brussels Sprouts
One of the best moments is when I introduce someone to Shopsin's. They never seem quite prepared and don't exactly know what they're in for. Recently, I met up with Monique and Rachel for a day of fun and it all began at Shopsin's. And somehow Rachel found (relatively) healthy things on the menu.

Sweet Pea Pete
First, she spotted Brussels sprouts and seeing as the three of us are all fans, we got some to share. Roasted deliciousness with just the right amount of oil and salt, and crunchy edge pieces. Then, after Mo and I ordered a Mo'Jemima and a Mo'Betta respectively, she goes and orders a Sweet Pea Pete. It's toasted (I think garlic) bread with bacon, poached eggs, cheese, and peas. And it comes with salad! Heavens to Betsy, it comes with salad! She loved it, and kept insisting that it wasn't healthy. As the two of us gobbled down mac and cheese pancakes.

Essex Street Market
120 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002


Linda Roy said...

Roasted brussels sprouts...mmm! Had some for dinner. You're blog's making me hungry! :)

Healthy Foods said...

Looking like you had great dinner, Roasted brussels sprouts always best munching in dinner.