Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Speaking of Fried Pie...You Can Get Fried Pie Custard at Milk Bar

Fried Apple Pie

Speaking of Fried's Pie Day (aka 3.14). And Momofuku Milk Bar is serving up Fried Apple Pie in shake and custard form...

After Choice Eats last night, Blondie and I hit Milk Bar ('cause you know we were starving). Ok, maybe we just shy of completely and utterly stuffed, but I had to pick up a cake for Lawman and when Fried Pie calls your name, you answer.

The apple flavoring in this custard is very subtle. We got the cornflake crunchies added on top, but although they added a nice texture to the custard, they are salty and sweet and overpowered the mild apple flavor. The custard itself has salty and buttery notes--it's like some how that get all that fried pie crust flavor into the custard base. If you're wild about apple, this may be a little too mild for you. If you're a huge Tosi fan you'll want to give this a shot.


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