Monday, March 12, 2012

Steeplechase Coffee Now Serving Dough Doughnuts!

Coconut Doughnut from Dough

Kensington's awesome new(ish) cafe, Steeplechase, just got exponentially more awesome. How? Well, in addition to treats from Balthazar and Trois Pomme they are now selling my beloved Dough doughnuts and bread from Amy's Bread. This. Is. Dangerous...

This Saturday, Dough's insanely addictive, fluffy doughnuts made their first appearance at Steeplechase (almost six months to the day from when I first begged them to carry Dough). Within 3 hours they were pretty much sold out. The cafe is going to be carrying: blood orange with candied orange slices, plain glazed, chocolate with cocoa nibs, toasted coconut, passion fruit with cocoa nibs and dulce du leche topped with slivered almonds.

It was tough to choose, I'm a huge fan of both the chocolate and the blood orange, but I decided it was time to bread out of the mold and go for the toasted coconut. The toasted coconut shavings cut the sweetness and gave it a delightfully nutty taste. Delicious. But be warned, this is a coconut loving neighborhood--I got the last one at around 9:30am. Steeplechase will be getting 3 dozen doughnuts everyday. On the weekends definitely expect a rush and plan to get there early. My only problem as a frequent customer at Steeplechase will be reminding myself that I don't need a doughnut every time I visit (or do I...).

The loose breads from Amy's are also a big gain for the neighborhood. They'll be carrying: sourdough rounds, sliced country sourdough, rustic italian mini loaves, seeded whole wheat mini loaves, and baguettes. Speaking of baguettes, they are also now carrying baguettes, herbed focaccia sandwich rolls, ciabatta sandwich rolls, sliced multigrain loaf with flax and sunflower seeds, sliced rye boules, and sliced organic whole wheat from Balthazar.


Win for Windsor Terrace. Win for Kensington. Now get out there and support!

Steeplechase Coffee
3013 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
(between 3rd St & 2nd St)
Brooklyn, NY
(347) 799-2640

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