Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 Fun Things to Do with Peeps!

The Peeps of Catan
'Tis the season for Peeps. Those revered (reviled?) colored sugar bedecked marshmallow critters that seem to always make an appearance come Easter basket time. The Times has a great slideshow about how Peeps are born--while it's not for the faint of heart (nude peeps are involved!) there's something strangely compelling about watching legions of Peeps get coated with sugar. As a kids I couldn't get enough Peeps. They were among my favorite candies. This love affair continued up through college when I would make s'meeps in my dorm microwave (that's Peeps s'mores for the uninitiated). Sometime after freshman year, Peeps lost their luster. I began to realize that sugar coated marshmallow was perhaps a little too sweet (who knew?) Still there's no harm playing with your food, right...

Peeps of Catan game board
For non-board gamers, the images above are my tribute to Peeps of Catan. Yes, I'm just that dorky.

Chopped Peeps

If you find yourself with an assortment of extra Peeps post Easter, you can chop 'em up and toss them in a Peepza Rustica.

Slice of Peepza Rustica
My send up to the traditional Italian Easter pie. Surprisingly it tastes a lot like Funfetti cake (hmmmm...maybe that's not so surprising afterall...)

Charleton Hes-Peep as Moses
If you prefer to act out great scenes from the Bible with an all Peep cast, here's a little inspiration from Charton Hes-Peep. I call it "Let My Peeple Go."

What do you like to do with your Peeps?

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molly said...

HAH. let my peeple go, that's fantastic.