Monday, April 30, 2012

Choice Streets on the Intrepid

Choice Streets
Last week, Brownie and I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Village Voice Choice Streets, an extension of their annual popular Choice Eats. The setting was amazing, the food was amazing, everything was perfect. Some of our favorite trucks were there (and yes, more than a couple of ones that are in the book) and there were a few new-to-us ones too!

Mexico Blvd
As I walked in, I found my cohorts right at the front of the line for Mexico Blvd. They only hit the streets in January, and I haven't had the time to try them yet. They were serving up chips with dip and tacos. Of the one chip I stole, I enjoyed it. The guacamole tasted fresh and very rich. I will have to seek them out soon for a proper run-down. Follow them on Twitter @MexicoBlvd.

Chinese Mirch
Another new truck to me was Chinese Mirch. This truck is an off-shoot of the Chelsea Indian and Chinese restaurant. And they were serving up some mighty fine momos or dumplings, one vegetable and the other chicken. The skin is a little thick, but it's holding a bunch of flavorful insides. I liked out they placed the dumplings over a little bit of soup--a warming addition on a slightly chilly night. Find their truck on Twitter @ChineseMirch.

Bongo Brothers
One reason why we started this blog is so we can literally remember all of the things we've eaten. I know I've eaten Bongo Brothers, or at least I think I have, and yet I can't find any evidence. They were serving up hearty slices of their Cuban sandwiches. I, unfortunately, received an end piece that didn't have nearly as much of their slow-roasted pork. Follow their truck @BongoBros.

Green Pirate Truck
A wonderful addition to the night, especially for those of us who couldn't imbibe as much as we wanted to, was Green Pirate Juice. I went for a few of their organic juices in between bites, hoping that they were balancing out my eating a little bit. They'll be juicing around the city all summer, so check their Twitter @juicepirate.

Morris Grilled Cheese
Brownie finally got to try Morris Grilled Cheese, one of my new favorite grilled cheeses in the city period. It's always perfectly melted, the unique and seasonal sandwiches have yet to disappoint, and they're just so friendly. Find their truck NOW @MorrisTruck.

Kelvin Slush
And though, yes, we ate CoolHaus (and we would have done it repeatedly if their line wasn't so long), we also cleansed our palates while whetting our sweet tooth with Kelvin Slush. I had Ginger with Mango--a perfect summertime treat. Watch for their truck @KelvinSlush.

Choice Streets
All in all, a great time was had by all. By having it outside, we got to enjoy the great weather and it didn't feel as crowded as other food events. I hope this is just the beginning of another annual tradition. Until next year, check out the slideshow with all of our photos below.

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