Monday, April 9, 2012

Get the Fish Sandwich at Smorgasburg!

Classic Fish Sandwich
Weee, all the outdoor markets are opening up for the season. This means bike rides around town wearing airy dresses to snag a delicious bite to eat with friends in the gorgeous weather. Or delaying an inevitable trip to the library to stuff your face in front of trusted friends. I did the latter at Smorgasburg and found the best deal there!!

Handsome Hank's
Tucked away in the corner closest to North 6th St. is Handsome Hank's brought to us by Danny Lyu--the same person behind Cemitas, the Mexican sandwiches. Hank's had waits all day long for freshly fried fish and shrimp. Yes, fried on the spot so when you got your meal is was hot and delicious! My friends went with the fish and chips, while I chose the fish sandwich thinking it wouldn't be that big of a meal. False. It's huge.

Classic Fish Sandwich
It's a fish and his brother and sister in one sandwich! I couldn't finish it! It's simple whiting fish, but really well done, and I mean seriously, look at this sandwich. For $8, this is all you need for lunch.

Smorgasburg is open on the Williamsburg waterfront between North 6th + 7th Street, 11am to 6pm every Saturday through the fall.

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Austin Scott Brooks said...

I challenge anyone to find an item that isn't delicious at Smorgasburg Brooklyn. I don't think it's possible! I didn't get to try the fish sandwich... I was too occupied with macaroons, fried anchovies and doughnuts but it looks like it was great!