Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Talk Easter Treats!


It's almost Easter, and soon--if I'm good--some bunny is going to bring me chocolate. I don't want to count those malted eggs before they're hatched, so right now I'm mentally preparing myself for the inevitable pre-Easter feasting shopping trip by plotting out what kinds of sweets are going to be on our Easter spread...

Last week, I posted a recipe for Capirotada, a traditional Lenten Mexican bread pudding made with a habit-forming mulled piloncillo syrup, dried fruit, nuts and cheese. Yes, cheeeeeeeese. Delicious shredded Monterey Jack cheese is layered throughout the dish adding that extra bit of saltiness that works so well in sweet treats. This is on the must-make list for Easter morn. Though that does leave me still pondering what to make for the actual desserts.

If you're more the order out type, I can certify that Robicelli's Pizza Grana cupcakes which are essentially Italian dish “Pastiera di Grano” or “Grain Pie” distilled into cupcake form. The traditional pastiera is an orange-scented ricotta cheesecake filled with cooked wheatberries. If you're from an old school Southern Italian family, chances are your nonni made this for you. The cupcake is composed of Italian citrus cake, ricotta & wheatberry buttercream, pie crust shards. I had it last year. It was freaking delicious. Even my husband, who is basically an avowed ricotta hater thought this was great. This is a once a year sort of thing for the Robicelli's and the actual wheat pie is kind of a pain to prepare. They're taking orders until Wednesday, so get on it.

As for me, I'm taking any and all Easter dessert recommendations. What's your must-have Easter treat?

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