Friday, April 6, 2012

Schnipper's Is Making A Solid Cheeseburger

Schnipper's Cheeseburger
Schnipper's Midtown was always too far over on the west side for me to ever warrant a visit. It involved walking the gauntlet of Times Square *AND* the Port Authority angry Jerseyites! No way, dudes. So when one opened up downtown on 23rd Street and Madison, I was excited to finally get a chance to stop by and try their burger--I had been hearing good things. It just took two tries to get that burger.

Schnipper's Cheeseburger
The first time I stopped by I wasn't able to get the cheeseburger and review it for Midtown Lunch. I had to get the Tuna Melt (which was really great and overstuffed with mayolicious tuna.) But the second time, it was ll about the cheeseburger. I adore the space inside; it's huge and full of natural light which makes it absolutely perfect for when the weather's not ideal for Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. The burger is completely comparable. It's just as salty, but the flavors are a little more well-rounded. A great burger, ample table with service, and you know, a roof = someone might be winning this 23rd St burger race. I do feel the need to do my own side-by-side challenge to see which I like better.

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