Friday, April 27, 2012

Sheep's Milk Dumplings from Kefi

Sheep's Milk Dumplings 
After Blondie arranged a fab surprise dinner at Momofuku Saturday night I was struck by the flu. It was not pleasant. Not at all. Fortunately I was enough on the mend on my actual birthday on Monday to enjoy some Sheep's Milk Dumplings from Kefi...

I have been dying to Kefi since Serious Eats wrote up this Upper West Side Donatella Arpaia and Michael Psilakis eatery. They did not disappoint. The dumplings were delicate, plump pillows of pasta accented by creamy sheep's milk cheese. Add to that slightly wilted spinach, tomatoes and spicy lamb sausage and you have a wonderful salty, tangy, and spicy hat trick.

Order your own because you won't want to share. Lawman and Lawman-in-law dished up bites of this and I claimed the rest (which turned out to be the lion's share) with my post-flu cooties. Heh heh. If you're going to be saddled with lingering germs from being sick, you might as well use them to claim the best bites, right? Just a short walk from the Museum of Natural History, Kefi is worth the trip for the Sheep's Milk Dumplings alone. And though Little B slept through the meal, it's a laid back enough spot I can definitely see us going back to when he's aware and ready to chow.

Kefi 505 Columbus Avenue New York (212) 873-0200

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