Friday, April 13, 2012

Tots in a Bar

Tater Tots
A few weeks back, I was invited to eat burgers at Idle Hands while drinking beer from Lagunitas. I'm not saying no to that. I will sell my (little) morality for beer, burgers, and tater tots. I'm sorry about that, folks. If it really annoys you, I'll take you Idle Hands for a round with a side of burgers and tots. Because they've got tots, and not just any tots. Totchos!

Idle Hands Dinner
That Burger has moved on from it's original set-up outside of Artists & Fleas in Williamburg to serve the patrons of Billy Hurricanes and Idle Hands. This should be noted by participants of this year's Beer Marathon, as burgers are seriously needed somewhere around your 10-12th beer.

That Burger
We got to sample five different burgers from their menus--not whole burgers, but sample sizes. I liked most of them including "The Kick" which has onions and jalapenos cooked in Franks Hot Sauce and Cheddar cheese. Each burger had it's own Lagunitas accompanying beer; I enjoyed all of those too.

But the best part of the night laid with the Totchos. These don't look like much, but it's tater tots covered with bacon, beef, American and Mozzarella cheese, jalapenos, and BBQ & Hot sauce. As one of my fellow diners said, it's the perfect hangover food. I thought they were awesome, a little heavy, but totally awesome. A little bit of this with a side of a good Bloody Mary or other hair of the dog, and you'll be set for the day.

That Burger
25 Avenue B

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