Monday, April 16, 2012

Travels with Blondie & Brownie: The Afternoon Belongs to Capogiro's Avocado Gelato

Capogiro's Avocado and Lime Gelato2

Last week we went to Philly to visit our publisher. If you follow us on the twitters, you might have noticed some initial transportation difficulty, but the day was saved by a great meeting and plenty of great food. Seriously, we had so many awesome recs for one quickie trip that we needed to bring all of your stomachs along to eat half the things we wanted to try. Like avocado gelato from the highly regarded Capogiro Gelato...

Avocado gelato? Yesssss, avocado gelato. Made with local Pennsylvania dairy, all the buttery goodness of a perfectly ripe avocado is distilled into a rich, super smooth and creamy gelato. It's heaven in a cup. No, really, it is.

And because I'm a food nerd, I had couldn't resist pairing it with their Cilantro & Lime Gelato--it's like a dessert guacamole! The Cilantro and Lime was intensely refreshing and went down easy on a hot afternoon (and for the record, the combo wasn't nearly as guac-ish as one migh expect, if you added some red onion gelato, you might have a whole different story...)

According to their site, you can get their gelato at "Various Wholes Foods throughout the 5 boroughs" have you seen Capogiro's at a Whole Foods need you? Hit me up with the location in the comments. I think this may become a habit...