Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures in Recipe Testing: Making Tea Eggs

Three Tea Eggs 
In case you haven't heard...we're writing a book. A book on the best of New York street food with lots of recipes and stories from vendors around the city. Right now we're deep in recipe testing. How deep? Let's just say I have a freezer with dirty mint chocolate chip ice cream, two kinds of shaved ice, and my fridge is stuffed with one syrup for said shaved ices, a bag of tamales, daeji bulgogi and regular bulgogi, pork and zucchini pupusa filling, Korean-style Pico de Gallo, jalapeno cheddar corn cakes and tea eggs. Right now the tea eggs are occupying the most head space, mainly because I find them so interesting to look at...

The tea eggs I'm making for the book are from the Bian Dang Truck. Made with black tea, soy sauce, a bit of sugar and spices, these are a traditional Taiwanese snack. The first batch I made, didn't soak for long enough and the color (and flavor) was a bit weak.

On the second batch, I learned from my mistakes. These eggs soaked over night (and then some) so they really took on the tea flavor all the way to the yolk. I just love all the marbling on the eggs' surface. I'm looking forward to trying this recipe yet again with other kinds of teas.

If you've ever made tea eggs what kind of tea do you use?


the [sugar] apothecary said...

I know what you mean! Tea eggs are beautiful (and so are the shells themselves). I hope you have a giant refrigerator for all of these recipe tests!

Stephanie said...

I have never made tea eggs but I want to now. I am not sure if I could stand devouring something so beautiful. They are positively artful.

By the way, I would like to live inside your fridge, thank you very much.

built in fridge said...

I love tea eggs, they are really delicious!