Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Best Thing to Eat at Yankee Stadium

Parm Meatball Sandwich
During my rally to finish this last damn paper of the semester (it's like it never ends!), I got an invitation to this past Sunday's game at Yankee Stadium. Andy Pettitte was returning to the line-up! It was Mother's Day! I hear there's a meatball sandwich to be eaten! I'll let you guess which one of those reasons sealed the deal.

Inside "The Great Hall," you find a wee little stand topped with tomato cans: it's the Yankee Stadium outpost of Parm. The stand opened last year, but seeing as my ticket hook-up didn't have season tickets anymore and the few times I was offered an extra, I was out of town, I never made it to The Stadium. There is only one picture that exists of my meatball sandwich because my race earlier in the morning had left me on the far side of famished. I found the sesame roll soft, chewy and perfect, while the well-seasoned meatball was big and thick enough to be mistaken for a patty. I loved the cheese and savory, not too sweet sauce, but I was really won out by the basil leaves. It needed the flavor and texture. My one grip: $14! I mean, W-T-F!

Extra Sprinkles
But I let that go when the Carvel guy hooked it up with extra sprinkles!

Parm Stand
Between Gates 4 and 6 in the Great Hall
Yankee Stadium


TT said...

i definitely thought the meatball was more burger-like, a very delicious burger.

the mozz & eggplant sandwich was also very good.

yea they are both $14 but compared to the other food options there, not too bad.

Siobhan said...

Yes, it's more of a meatball patty, but it's seasoned like a traditional Italian meatball.