Friday, May 18, 2012

Brooklyn Soda Works' Apple Ginger Soda

Apple Ginger Soda 
My high school boyfriend didn't drink soda. Ever. He didn't like the way it tasted. He didn't like the carbonation. He didn't like it at all. At the time I was a Diet Coke fiend. We always has a bottle in the fridge. I just didn't get how someone couldn't like soda. Fast forward a few years and soda has lost its charm for me. I can count the number of sodas I have in a year on a single hand. And if I do go for a soda it's usually some sort of out there flavor like grapefruit or ginger beer. A couple weekends ago Blondie and I hit the Vendy's International Meats event at the New Amsterdam Market. It was my first time at the market and after sample all the tasty Vendy's fare, I was ready for something cold and refreshing. That's when I spotted Brooklyn Soda Works' table and all those old soda lovin' feelings kicked back in...

They had three sodas on tap but it was the apple ginger ($4) that immediately caught my attention. Made with fresh juice and sweetened only with cane sugar. This is a bolder and spicier ginger soda than you typically find on the market. Not too sweet and boasting plenty of fizz, it was the perfect drink to gulp down on a warm day after a big meal.

If you have a hankering for a decidedly grown up soda you can find them on tap at

Beer Table in Park Slope (they will fill a growler for you to take home!) 61 Local in Carroll Gardens Untitled, Whitney Museum of Art North End Grill, Battery Park City Growler Station, West Village

And at the Brooklyn Flea on both Saturday and Sunday. Keep tabs on them via Twitter @BklynSodaWorks.

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